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French dripless candles are a best seller product in our catalog. Since 1902 the history of Bougies La Francaise has been bound up with the history of families passionate about light and interior decor. Over 110 years of expertise have enabled the company to become an essential player in the world of high quality scented candles and household fragrances. In 1924, Bougies La Francaise was the winner at the National Expo Fair in Nantes (France). A long experience in French candle making.Living Heritage Company  Bougie La Francaise received this special label in 2018

Beautiful Pout

APOT.CARE Skincare provides anti-aging and anti-wrinkle high quality serums, face cream, masks and eye care that effectively bring back the glow of youth to your entire face. Skin looks younger, smoother and more even with a visibly refined texture for a complete rejuvenating effect.

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ARTIGA canvas, stripes and colors, find their authenticity and flavors on the Atlantic Ocean, the Pyrenees and the Southwest of France. ARTIGA linens, accessories and interior/exterior decoration are made with all natural, pure cotton or cotton-linen, renowned for robustness, frame and inimitable patterns. Special ARTIGA OUTDOOR collection.

ARTIGA is a recognized brand and appreciated for its creativity and its French production which earned ARTIGA the "Origine France Garantie" label in February 2012.

Organic aromatic essential oils

Bougies La Francaise (BLF) has teamed up with the Parfums de Grace in France to  create a line of essential oils made exclusively from organic ingredients. Our selection offers a small range of burning oils that will please your senses.


Natural Hope Herbals provide high quality herbal extracts for your family's health. Organic ingredients and traditional processes are essential to creating safe, reliable, quality herbal products.

Herbs for Natural Hope Herbals products are naturally grown, organic, or wildcrafted. Herbs that are best tinctured fresh are grown on a certified organic farm or shipped overnight from organic growers and wildcrafters across the United States, to ensure the freshest herbs possible.


Karien Belle beautiful hand-made and hand-embroidered scarves that can we worn as a shawl, wrap, scarf or even draped over furniture as a colorful throw. A beautiful combination of instinctual design and careful artistry, a spontaneous sketch transformed into these lovely eye-catching poetry scarves. Made with the finest linen's and Cotton’s using acid free dye, each piece carefully hand embroidered in a Fair Trade unit employing widows.

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