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APOTCARE iridoradiant cream light - 50 ml / 1.7 fl.oz airless perfect dosage pump jar

Anti-aging. Anti-wrinkle. Radiance booster This high performance global anti-aging skincare integrates a new « neuro-relaxing » anti-wrinkle complex for a visibly toned, re-plumped and smoothed skin.

Results are clinically proven : up to -52% wrinkles in 28 days.

The skin looks visibly younger, more dense and more firm.

The complexion is more even and illuminated with a youthful radiance.

Made in France


Acts simultaneously on all signs of ageing

Targets the different types of wrinkles (expression lines, age related wrinkles and lines)

Durably hydrates, repairs, and protects the epidermis

Gives a new radiance to the skin

Reinforces the skin’s natural defense mechanisms against external aggressions. Gives a youthful radiance to the skin

Light and non greasy texture. Suitable for normal to combination skins. Dermatologically tested.

Paraben free.

Active Ingredients. A selection of high performance active ingredients for a new global anti-aging formula enriched with anti-wrinkle), anti-aging complexes, Provitamin B5 (regenerating and replenishing), Vitamin C Glucoside (skin tone uniformity and fades dark spot), and in Asian botanical extracts (renown for reinforcing the skin’s natural defense mechanisms)

Clinically tested results:

Upon application: Immediate « lifting effect » sensation. The complexion looks more radiant. The skin feels instantly more hydrated.

After 28 days of application, the clinical tests prove :

A wrinkle reduction of up to -52%

A significant increase in skin suppleness (+32%)

An improvement of the aspect of the skin for 80% users The skin is softer, more hydrated, and reveals a healthy glow.

Instructions for use:

Apply daily, morning and/or evening, preferably after the serum, on a perfectly cleansed faced and neck. Smooth onto the skin, starting from the center of the face, and with gentle ascending strokes.

APOT.CARE Tip The extra smoothing texture helps minimize the vertical lines around the mouth and prevents lipstick from feathering.

Face and neck light cream iridoradiant 1.7 fl.oz airless pump jar - APOTCARE

Artikelnummer: APOT-P04
99,00$ Standardpreis

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