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APOT.CARE Lash Magic Micellar Eye Makeup Remover + Eyelash Enhancing Treatment - 100ml / 3.38 fl.oz

APOT.CARE Lash Magic is a luxury micellar eye make up remover that also contains our lash enhancing complex.

The luxury eye make up remover is more than just a make up remover, it is also a treatment for healthier lashes.

Lash Magic removes waterproof make up.

Designed for sensitive eyes.

Oil free.

  • Lash Magic gently removes eye make up even waterproof eye make up.
  • It helps strengthen and lengthen the eyelashes.
  • It moisturizes and soothes the eye area.

Micellar technology : gently removes eye make-up.

Cornflower + Eyebright flower waters : soothe the eye, anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin B5 : moisturizing and soothing action

Optiwide® Complex : lash enhancing ingredients :

- strengthen the eyelash fiber,

- strengthen the eyelash bulb,

- optimize the eyelashes' junction with the eyelid for a stronger anchorage and in doing so, a significant eyelash loss decrease.

Instructions for use:

Spray onto a cotton pad and apply to eyes and lashes in order to remove eye make up. Do not rinse.

​Made in France.

Make-up remover + eyelash growth enhancing treatment - APOT.CARE

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