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APOT.CARE Serum SOS Imperfection (clickpen) - 3ml / 0.10 fl.oz - Botanical Formula

An efficient click pen treatment with 9 essential oils and botanical extracts that cleanses the skin and quickly reduces the appearance of blemishes and imperfections. 

300 clicks

Hygienic and smart airless pen applicator long lasting pen : just one click for all blemishes on face. Easy to use and to carry all day long in purse.

Soothes the skin whilst delivering a concentrated blend of essential oils to leave skin purified and clean.


9 essential oils :

- anti bacterial / blemish properties : tea tree, eucalyptus, savory, oregano, clove, rose-wood,

- fight imperfections : rosemary,

- fight redness : lavender,

- balance oily skin : sage.

2 botanical extracts : cinnamon wood (antimicrobial) and orris root (soothing and healing)

1 mineral extract : zinc (purifying)

​Click several times to activate the pen then click once and apply locally to blemishes 4 to 5 times a day.

Made in France.

Serum clickpen SOS Imperfection Essential Oils Botanical Extracts - APOT.CARE

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