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Bougies La Francaise Vanilla Ylang scented candle in glass jar

Enjoy +/- 40h

No paraffin

No dye

Formulated with great care and respect for the environment, this Vanilla Ylangcandle is composed mainly of natural ingredients.

Made of 100% vegetable wax (mainly rapeseed) without paraffin or dye, this crafted scented candle is based on the quality of French know-how.

In its beautiful white lacquered glass, this floral candle makes the choice of simplicity and purity.

Enriched with natural essential oils, this vegetable wax candle offers you a unique olfactory experience: the sweetness fragrance of the islands. The radiant floral essence of the ylang, "flower of the flowers", delicately mixes with the sweet scent of vanilla and with its subtle woody notes. Like the caress of a soft ray of sun ...

Vanilla Ylang natural wax scented candle

Artikelnummer: BLF-392113

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