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Bougies La Francaise Vetiver Neroli scented candle in glass jar

Enjoy +/- 40h

No paraffin

No dye

Formulated with great care and respect for the environment, this vetiver nerolicandle is composed mainly of natural ingredients.

Made of 100% vegetable wax (mainly rapeseed) without paraffin or dye, this crafted scented candle is based on the quality of French know-how.

In its beautiful white lacquered glass, this floral candle makes the choice of simplicity and purity.

Enriched with natural essential oils, this natural vegetable wax candle offers you a unique olfactory experience: tribute to a mythical raw material of perfumery, vetiver unveils its most subtle notes. Contrasting with its rich woody facets, neroli brings a floral and delicate sweetness.

Vetiver Neroli natural wax scented candle

Artikelnummer: BLF-392117

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